A 22-year-old boy was referred to Dr Utkarsh Shah, Intensivist at Arihant
Hospital. He was diagnosed with respiratory failure secondary to dengue in
the previous month at another hospital. During his stay in the ICU at previous
hospital, he was on ventilator support and was receiving oxygen via
tracheostomy (an opening made in the trachea). After recovery from
respiratory failure, the doctors were unable to take out his tracheostomy as he
had developed stenosis or closure of windpipe. Due to the same he was
finding it difficult to speak or breathe.

The patient was posted for Bronchoscopy in view of the blockage of trachea.
Interventional Pulmonologist Dr Sameer Arbat performed a check
Bronchoscopy, which showed complete blockage of the windpipe, above the
tracheostomy tube. “We planned a tracheal reconstruction by opening the
closed tracheal segment and introducing a customised tracheal prosthesis or
stent. The procedure was performed with the support of an ENT surgeon and
team of Anaesthetists. At first we opened the closed tracheal segment by
using Electrocautery or heat knife followed by specialised CRE Balloon
Dilatation. This opened up the closed segment of trachea or windpipe. A 3D
Bronchoscopy or Virtual Reconstruction was performed to take the exact
measurements of the affected tracheal segment. According to the required
dimensions a customised silicone stent was deployed. The stent had to be
fixed by an external suture to avoid migration or slipping. The procedure was
minimally invasive as no incision or tear was performed. The patient was
discharged on the very next day and has been symptom free since the past
one month” commented, Dr Sameer Arbat Interventional Pulmonologist,
Arihant Hospital.
Interventional Pulmonologist is a super specialty in which highly advanced
endoscopic equipment are used to perform complex surgeries of the airway
without any incision or cut from outside. The patient can be discharged on the
very next day. The above procedure was successfully performed with able
support of ENT surgeon Dr – _____ and Anaesthetic team of Dr_____ and
Dr ______ and OT team of Arihant Hospital. Arihant Hospital is a leading
multispeciality hospital in Nagpur providing various speciality services like
Cardiology, Pulmonology, Intensive Care, Ophthalmology, Gynaecology and
Obstretic Care under one roof.

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