Department of Geriatrics

The Geriatric Department strives to keep the elderly population physically and mentally healthy. This department has the expertise to perform all types of comprehensive geriatric evaluations for elderly patients, providing comfort to caregivers and family members. The Department’s goal is to promote good health in the elderly by treating and preventing disabilities and diseases. The department is concerned with improving the quality of life for all elderly patients. The team respects and protects each patient’s privacy and confidentiality while also ensuring that they receive high-quality services. Geriatricians are experts who specialise in assessing and managing the unique healthcare needs of the elderly. They collaborate closely with other specialties such as a nutritionist, occupational therapist, speech and hearing specialist, physiotherapist, and psychological counsellor or psychiatrist. Geriatricians are skilled at treating multiple chronic disorders and managing various old age problems such as falls, incontinence, and memory problems.

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Dr. Manohar Sarda


Department – Internal medicine

Dr. Sushama Dalal

MBBS, MD (General Medicine)

Department – Internal Medicine, Palliative Medicine

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