Department of Hepatology

Arihant Hospital’s Department of Hepatology and Liver Surgery Center is a one-stop shop for all liver-related issues. It is staffed with trained hepatologists, gastroenterologists, hepatology or gastroenterology trainees, medical officers, nurses, and medical assistants who specialise in liver patient care. Our doctors have extensive experience and training. They collaborate to provide a care plan that not only identifies the patient’s illness but also addresses the emotional stress that is identified when a person has liver disease. Our team specialises in detecting liver diseases and offers cutting-edge treatment options using cutting-edge techniques, even for conditions that were previously thought to be incurable. The surgical team is highly skilled and performs the surgeries with great dedication, resulting in excellent results. The Arihant Hospital team excels in providing a good quality of life for people suffering from cancer and chronic liver disease across all conditions we care for.

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Our Specialists

Dr. Saurabh Ramesh Patle

MBBS, DNB (Internal Medicine), DNB (Gastroenterology)

Department – Gastroenterology

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