Department of Radiology (Diagnostic & Interventional) (Tesla Diagnostic and Imaging)

This is a branch of medicine dealing with imaging modalities of all body parts using a wide array of techniques including X-ray, Ultrasound, CT and MRI to diagnose your exact health issues. Tesla imaging and intervention is a state of art, comprehensive and wholesome diagnostic set up with facility starting from X-ray, Mammography, Ultrasound, multislice CT to the most advanced 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The centre, apart from general radiology, has a dedicated team for super specialised radiology including pediatrics, orthopaedics, neuroradiology and cardiac imaging. We aim to provide the most accurate pinpointed diagnosis to help in appropriate management of your diseases. Our Centre also has a dedicated team of Interventional Radiology which performs surgery without visible scars (micro incision surgeries). It serves routine problems like varicose veins, fibroids, pain management to life threatening emergencies like bloody vomiting, brain bleed etc. Besides being a diagnostic setup, our centre also aims to begin teaching in the field of radiology and its specialisations. Our 24 *7 Services aim to cater to all sort of emergencies including trauma, stroke and other medical emergencies.

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Dr. Harshwardhan Lalit Jain

MBBS, MD(Radiology)

Department – Radiology

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